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Pro tip: Use frozen lemon and lime rinds to keep disposal clean

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Lynx Plumbing will be starting a monthly "pro tip" blog post to show our loyal customers easy ways to keep your plumbing related stuff in great shape. Or as we like to call it "preventative maintenance". In today's post we would like to share a tip which involves freezing lemon, lime, and/or orange rinds in ice cube trays and use them to clean and sharpen your garbage disposal blades! When garbage disposals are not properly cared for they can begin to omit a smell over time in addition to rusting and the blades becoming dull. This is where our tip of the month comes in!

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Customer Service And Quality Services

Providing customer service and quality services is our specialty!

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Providing top notch customer service and support is one of our highest priorities. Not only do we go above and beyond on each job we set out to do, we also use the highest level of equipment available. We provide all the time needed to fully advise our clients on how to care for their systems, how to prevent future problems, where to find shut off valves in case of an emergency, and so much more. We don't consider the job to be fully finished until the client is completely satisfied with the work rendered and that we have provided the most information possible. You will always see a smile on your Lynx Plumbing technicians face because it is ALWAYS a great day for our guys!

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Official launch of Tucson Plumbing company

Official Launch Of!

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Welcome to the new website! Lynx Plumbing is Tucson's premier full service plumbing company. Whether you are in need of plumbing on a new residential or commercial building, re-piping, backflow testing, leaky pipes, water filtration system, or any other plumbing related need; we have you covered! With over 10 years experience in all facets of plumbing and related work we are fully confident in our services and back them up with a full 2 year warranty on all services and parts rendered. We take pride in what we do and it shines through in the work we have done for many clients over the years!

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